ILAC works with its member organisations, justice sector actors and Libyan civil society to promote human rights culture and prepare for transitional justice processes in Libya.

Regional Background

In Libya, the Arab Spring resulted in a civil war that persists until today throughout the country. Formal institutions are not functional and armed groups have undermined the justice sector.

Justice and accountability are necessary for Libya’s progress toward peace. Until the justice sector institutions are fully functional, it is important to support Libyan citizens to find alternative (informal) justice paths.

What we do in Libya

Our activities in Libya aim to ensure that Libyan civil society and justice sector actors are better able to promote human rights culture and are better prepared for transitional justice processes. Our work focuses on:

  • promoting human rights culture through public legal education on radion and through community dialogue;
  • supporting Libyan partners to hold community dialogue to identify local-level transitional justice needs.

Our Members and Partners

Our role is to coordinate our members, national and international partners, to avoid duplication of efforts, to ensure cost-efficiency and to report to donors.

Part of our three-year ILAC MENA regional programme, the activities in Libya are implemented by our members American Bar Association Rule Of Law Initiative and Public International Law & Policy Group.

Additionally, ILAC is the point of contact for the donor – the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Projects in Libya

Middle East and North Africa Programme