Middle East and North Africa Regional Programme

ILAC works to strengthen justice sector actors in the MENA region to improve access to justice, trust in the judiciary and foster institutional development. Currently, ILAC coordinates the projects of five member organisations.

  Activities in: Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regional programme focuses on supporting justice sector institutions and actors to uphold their mandates, increase the citizens’ trust in the judiciary and help improve equal access to justice. This programme includes three projects based in Tunisia, two projects based in Libya and one regional project implemented in seven countries. 

The MENA regional programme aims at building the currently fragile trust in the judicial system by:

  • improving the administrative capacity of the Tunisian Administrative court;
  • supporting the increased knowledge adjudication and protection of economic, social and cultural rights;
  • supporting the improvement of more interactive and comprehensive human rights education at judicial and legal training institutes in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine;
  • supporting our Libyan partners to provide public legal education and identify transitional justice needs at community-level.

To ensure local ownership and sustainability, ILAC works with its national partners to improve their capability to fulfil their mandates through peer to peer capacity-building, promoting and facilitating dialogue and technical assistance.

What is Our Role?

ILAC is the point of contact between its member organisations and donors as well as coordinates its members’ projects with the aim of ensuring complementarity and synergies among them. ILAC intervenes when a country is still  fragile and has limited capacity to coordinate or absorb international assistance. In such contexts, international actors often act independently of one another and risk duplicating efforts or working at cross-purposes.

ILAC’s coordinated programmes are developed to tackle such duplication so that technical assistance programmes are impactful, complementary, and do not overburden in-country partners.

As a consortium with a broad membership base, representing legal professionals worldwide, and organisations with technical expertise in developing, managing and running human rights and rule of law programmes. Thanks to its broad membership base and expertise, ILAC is able to contribute to cost-efficient and more effective programmatic work.

 Period: 2018-2021

For more information about the MENA Programme, please contact Ulrika Nilsson (ulrika.nilsson(@)ilac.se),  Programme Manager.