Supporting Effective Engagement of Human Rights Advocates in Transitional Justice in Libya – closed

Responsible member: Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG)

The highly insecure and violent context in Libya implies severe and widespread human rights violations. These abuses have disrupted the fabric of Libyan society and have hindered Libya’s progress toward peace.

ILAC and its member PILPG worked with Libyan legal and justice sector professionals to prepare them and their communities for potential transitional justice challenges.

To this end, PILPG delivered capacity-building on transitional justice, including sessions on prosecution, institutional reform, policy proposal development, and effective policy advocacy.

Workshop participants will in turn conduct trainings for their peers and communities on transitional justice topics, tailored to the specific situation, and hold discussions on the transitional justice needs of local communities.

This project aimed to empower Libyan advocates, particularly those in the justice sector engage with transitional justice mechanisms. We aimed to increase their knowledge of transitional justice and give them the necessary tools to both engage and promote the public’s engagement in transitional justice processes.

Project Information

Coordination: this project is part of ILAC three-year MENA regional programme- closed.

Responsible member:  PILPG 

Funding: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Local Partners:

  • Libyan Lawyers’ Organisation
  • Libyan Womens’ Forum
  • Libyan judges and prosecutors

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