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Complaints and ILAC feedback mechanism

ILAC is committed to working in an open and responsible way, fostering the trust and respect of all its stakeholders. ILAC strives to achieve the highest quality in its programmes, assessments and projects.

To ensure the continuous improvement of the organisation, we are open to all complaints about our work. We do, however, encourage comments and complaints to be raised and discussed with the ILAC managers who are closest to the activity.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction or discontent, and/or misconduct, about someone or something.

Please submit your complaint if:

  • Programmes and projects implemented by ILAC and its members are not being managed in accordance with what has been agreed.
  • There has been serious misconduct of an ILAC staff or member.
  • There has been a breach of ILAC policies or commitments by ILAC or a member organisation.
  • You suspect of corruption involving ILAC activities.

ILAC will not consider to be a complaint:

  • A general inquiry about ILAC’s work.
  • A request for information.
  • A contractual dispute or complaints relating to internal or members’ staff employment conditions, guidelines and benefits.

If the complaint is not within the scope of ILAC’s policy, the person lodging the complaint will be informed of this.

Complaints ILAC will not investigate:

  • Complaints regarding members, projects or activities not funded by ILAC.
  • Complaints that are already the subject of ongoing investigation by any regulatory body or legal or official authority in the countries in which ILAC operates.
  • Complaints about a political standpoint/opinion expressed by ILAC or a member organisation.
  • Offensive complaints using inappropriate or abusive language.
  • Complaints sent as part of bulk mail from an unknown source.

How ILAC handles a complaint

The system is designed to handle operational complaints and serious complaints. It ensures that all information about complaints and incidents will be treated with confidentiality.

Operational complaints and incidents are generally related to issues at programme and project level, such as the quality of our work, how a programme is managed.

A serious complaint or incident is a complaint about corruption, sexual exploitation or another gross violation of our policies.

Please note ILAC cannot guarantee a response or that action will be taken in the case of anonymous complaints.

ILAC ensures that the person filing a complaint will not face any form of retaliation from ILAC.

Malicious complaints

ILAC assumes that all complaints are filed in good faith. However, should it be revealed that a complaint is false or malicious, any investigation already underway will be stopped immediately and disciplinary action taken if the person lodging the complaint is a member of staff.


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