Promoting Human Rights and Rule of Law Culture in Libya -closed

 Responsible member: American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI)

The highly insecure and violent context in Libya implies severe and widespread human rights violations. These abuses have disrupted the fabric of Libyan society and have hindered Libya’s progress toward peace.

ILAC and its member ABA ROLI worked with Libyan civil society actors, human rights defenders, and legal and justice sector professionals to raise public awareness of human rights.

Together with the Libyan Bar and the Young Lawyers Association, ABA ROLI identified the key relevant topics for public legal education. Based on that, they developed materials to conduct public legal education through community dialogue and radio programming.

Some areas covered by such public legal education were women’s rights, the rights of children, and freedom of expression.

ABA ROLI has previously successfully implemented community dialogue events in over 25 Libyan cities. This helped form an established network of radios, allowing us to broaden the reach of public legal education initiatives in this programme.

This project aimed to:

  • increase the capacity of Libyan human rights activists to effectively protect human rights;
  • promote human rights culture in Libya; and
  • increase the Libyan population’s awareness of and engagement with their essential rights and freedoms.

Project Information

Coordination: this project is part of ILAC three-year long MENA regional programme.

Responsible member:  ABA ROLI

Funding: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Local Partners:

  • Libyan Bar Association
  • Libyan Young Lawyers’ Association
  • National Council for Civil Liberties and Human Rights
  • Other Projects in Libya

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