Welcome to the ILAC Annual General Meeting in Helsinki!

Between 23-25 April ILAC members from around the globe gather in Helsinki for a three day conference with council meetings, workshops, seminars and the consortium’s formal Annual General Meeting.

Helsinki, Finland

The ILAC AGM in Helsinki will be three very intense days, starting off with a members-only workshop taking a closer look at future Rule of Law programming in Asia, the Americas, as well as second generation programming in the MENA-region.

The AGM participants will also get a thorough update and report on the activities in the ILAC MENA Programme, Syria Programme and the ongoing work for additional funding and project proposals.

Seminar on peace and justice
On 24 April an open seminar on the topic ‘Resolving conflict – the role of justice’  will be organised jointly with the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI). An opening adress held by Noble Laureate President Ahtisaari will be followed by a high level panel discussion and break out sessions with some 60 participants from the ILAC membership as well as the CMI Helsinki network.

Hosted by the Finnish Bar Association
Hosted by the ILAC member Finnish Bar Association and the Finnish Prosecutor General, the AGM participants are also invited to a reception at the Supreme Court and a formal dinner at the Ravintola Savoy.

New ILAC strategy – and new leadership
The AGM session will also include an open discussion on ILACs new strategy, covering 2016-2020, as well as the election of a new ILAC Chair. Proposed to succeed the present ILAC Chair Bill Meyer, is Elizabeth Howe, General Counsel at the International Association of Prosecutors.

Håkan Henning in memoriam
By decision of the ILAC Executive Committee, the ILAG 2015 AGM will also be officially dedicated in Håkan Henning’s memory. Håkan Henning, ILAC Head of Administration, who passed away on 6 March 2015.