Judges as Peacebuilders Project: Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico – closed

The “Judges as Peacebuilders” project aimed to promote peace and social stability by supporting and empowering judges in Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico in their fight against corruption and ending impunity while upholding judicial independence and ensuring judicial diversity. 

Societal peace and stability are not possible without institutions that are effective, accountable and transparent. Securing peace is only possible if the independence of justice sector institutions is respected so that those institutions can provide access to justice for all and resolve people’s disputes. Strengthening the independence of the judiciary and broader justice sector institutions also ensures that recent advances in combating corruption and ending impunity are not lost in the region.

South-South dialogue

The project was composed of a series of thematic roundtables held for and with representatives of the judiciary of Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico. Participants discussed judicial independence, anti-corruption efforts and judicial diversity on national and regional levels and developed recommendations and possible solutions to improve efforts within these thematic areas in their countries and at a regional level.

Regional conferences brought together relevant actors from the three countries, as well as regional and international actors. Participants met to exchange conclusions and lessons learned from themes discussed during the dialogue series. The dialogue resulted in a series of publications, which can be views below.

Our Members and Partners

Funded by the Folke Bernadotte Academy, this project was an initiative of the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) and is implemented in collaboration with the ILAC members, the Cyrus R. Vance Center for Justice of the International Bar Association of the City of New York and the International Association of Women Judges. The project was implemented until 2022. 

Local Partners:

  • Asociación Guatemalteca de Jueces por la Integridad
  • Corporación de Jueces y Magistrados de Colombia
  • International Association of Women Judges – Mexico Chapter


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