Supporting Syrian Legal Professionals to Protect People’s Housing, Land and Property Rights in Syria – closed

Housing, Land and Property (HLP) issues have increasingly received attention by the international community and Syrians alike. This came about due to the issuing of Law 10 in April 2018 as a legal framework for rebuilding damaged or informal areas, which in turn may impact the millions of displaced Syrians due to the ongoing crisis in the country. Without functioning systems to recognise and protect the full continuum of HLP rights, Syrians in exile may not be able to return to their homes, businesses and farms.

Together with the CEELI Institute, ILAC carried out a series of roundtables with Syrian and international experts to unpack and prioritise the complex issue of HLP. This project was designed based on the increasing demand from Syrian legal professionals in exile to better understand the Syrian HLP legal framework and international human rights instruments, including normative frameworks and practices established to address HLP in conflict settings.

The project established a platform for Syrian legal professionals to further accelerate engagement within HLP, both in terms of the provision of legal services to people with HLP problems, but also to inform ongoing processes and policy dialogue on the importance of addressing HLP during and after conflicts. 

Project information

Coordination: ILAC Syria Programme – closed

Responsible member: CEELI Institute

Funding: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

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