Enhancing Access to Justice for Criminally Accused in Syria

In Syria, there is a urgent need for access to legal counsel, with many regions of the country deprived of systemic legal aid, leaving hundreds, if not thousands of vulnerable Syrians devoid of legal protection.

To address this challenge, we assist lawyers in Syria on pro bono legal cases. Together with the International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), we train Syrian lawyers,  engage justice stakeholders through roundtable events and empower local communities through legal rights awareness campaigns. 

We contribute to ensuring that every woman, man and child accused of a crime is judged fairly in a court of law to reduce instances of abuse – which most often happen in pre-trial detention and during investigations. 

ILAC and IBJ aim to leverage the power of technology to strengthen the capacity of lawyers and raise awareness of due procedural rights. 

IBJ has published a defender manual to further supplement the legal materials available to lawyers to enhance their knowledge, and to provide them with practical skills that can be used with immediate effect. More information on the project is available on IBJ’s website.

Project information

Coordination: ILAC Syria Programme

Responsible member: IBJ

Funding: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

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