PILPG: COVID-19 and International Institutional Cooperation

“The COVID-19 pandemic, has stirred some heated debate amongst states over the manner in which the crisis is being handled. Heads of states have blamed their counterparts for not taking adequate steps to restrict the virus and for not revealing information that could have led to early detection.  In this regard there is a build up of an unpleasant atmosphere over COVID-19 in the international community.  This disagreement amongst world powers over the issue has caused the lack of a coordinated approach in dealing with the pandemic. However, United Nations’ agencies spearheaded by the World Health Organisation (WHO) have taken  a number of coordinated steps to alleviate the situation. In this light, this article aims to analyse the legal responsibility of states  to cooperate in these complicated times and highlights the effort of the UN agencies to alleviate the situation.” 

Read the analysis by Editimfon Ikpat, Junior Research Associate with ILAC member Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG) here.