PILPG: Best Practices for Online Events

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, events, conferences, meetings and expert discussions have largely moved online. The ‘new normal’ of online work will likely last for a significant period of time, with some suggesting a recovery might take multiple years.

“Before, people traveled to conferences around the globe. Events taking place in different cities or on different continents would often exclude those who could not be physically present. With the abrupt change to remote working, more knowledge is now accessible online. Conferences and events are live-streamed and often recorded and later uploaded on the host or organization’s web page.  All of this provides young professionals with the opportunity to attend and participate in events that were not accessible to them before. “

Research Associate, Rachel Grand, and Junior Research Associate, Sophia Zademack, from ILAC member Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG) has conducted a detailed list of best practices for how to navigate the new normal of online events. They offer advise on the many aspects to consider when attending online events, such as how to choose the right events to attend, how to prepare and how to follow up after events to maximise their potential benefits. The guide is especially directed towards young professionals.

 Find the full guide here.