IBAHRI: COVID-19 Human Right Monitor

Amidst the unprecedented global crisis of Covid-19 pandemic, the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) has launched what will be a weekly summary of updates regarding human rights violations taking place across the globe, occurring as a consequence of, and under the guise of, the global crisis. The IBAHRI Covid-19 Human Rights Monitor (The Monitor) is designed to be a key resource for legal professionals and all those interested in defending human rights. Each Friday, it will provide essential insight into human rights issues occurring across the world during the ongoing pandemic.

The first edition covers a wide range of subject matters, including gender-based violence and women’s health, LGBTQI+ rights, prisoners and detainees, refugee camps and asylum procedures. It highlights concerns of reported increases in domestic violence while many jurisdictions are in lockdown mode. In addition, the lack of basic protective measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in many prisons and detention centres sheds light on the inadequate structures of these environments for the stringent precautionary measures necessary during this pandemic.

Measures imposed to contain or prevent the spread of Covid-19 should not be used to disguise disproportionate treatment or disregard citizens’ fundamental liberties. In the midst of this unprecedented global crisis, the IBAHRI is committed to continued defence of the rule of law and exposing human rights violations wherever in the world they may occur.

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