Empowering Young Syrian Lawyers – closed

Due to the ongoing conflict, many young Syrian lawyers have been prevented from practicing and providing legal support to people. Together with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABAROLI), we trained young lawyers and legal professionals in Syria, working in conflict-affected areas throughout the country. Throughout 2017 – 2018, 70 young Syrian lawyers were trained.

The trainings were based on challenges identified by Syrian judges and lawyers who provided legal services in the country in the ongoing conflict.

The trainings were on:

  • collection of evidence and case-building
  • women’s rights with regard to legal guardianship of children and missing husbands
  • housing and property rights

We also issued court guides to provide practical guidance for Syrian justice sector actors to address key issues with regard to Syrian law and international laws and best practices. 

Project information

Coordination: ILAC Syria Programme – closed

Responsible member: ABAROLI

Funding: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

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