Cuban legal professionals participate in an exchange on sustainable development and rule of law in Sweden

A delegation of four Cuban legal professionals from the National Union of Jurists of Cuba (UNJC) participated in an exchange in Stockholm, Sweden last week on sustainable development and rule of law.

Organised by ILAC and the Swedish Bar Association, the topics discussed during the exchange included corporate responsibility and governance, trade and investment in Sweden, business and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda, rule of law and the Swedish legal environment, fight against bribery, corruption and money laundering, preventing discrimination and how legal academics work.  

The four Cuban legal professionals met with prominent Swedish rule of law experts, government and private sector actors and Swedish authorities including the Swedish Bar Association, the former president of the Swedish Court of Appeals, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv), the Swedish Board of Trade, the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute, and the Ombudsman for Equality. The delegation also visited the Supreme Administrative Court and the University of Stockholm.

ILAC’s Cuba programme is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.