ILAC holds a Professional Exchange on Anticorruption in Cuba

ILAC recently held a professional exchange on anticorruption for over 70 Cuban legal professionals in Havana. The exchange was part of ILAC’s rule of law programme and was implemented by ILAC’s member organisation the International Bar Association (IBA), in collaboration with our national partner la Organización Nacional de Bufetes Colectivos (ONBC). The topics covered during the exchange included ways to define, classify and measure corruption, as well as international, regional and national instruments for investigating, punishing and preventing corruption.

Since 2013, ILAC has supported rule of law reform and sustainable development in partnership with Cuba’s legal community. Together with the IBA, ILAC coordinates professional exchanges for Cuban lawyers from the ONBC on international commercial law to increase the participants’ capacity to work in the international marketplace and to support economic development. In its fifth year, the exchage has expanded to include modules on globalisation, ethics and anticorruption, in addition to mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, international arbitration and international sales.

ILAC and the IBA draw on legal expertise from the region and elsewhere with similar legal traditions, including from Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela and Spain. Nearly 25 percent of all lawyers from the ONBC have completed the exchange to date.

The exchange will continue in June and cover intellectual property and international sales.