Syrian Legal Professionals Train on UN Mechanisms   

ILAC co-organised a five-day intensive course on UN human rights and security mechanisms for Syrian legal professionals in Geneva this Spring.

As part of ILAC’s larger Syria Programme, the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute  led trainings in Geneva that will sharpen the skills of Syrian legal professionals to help shape resolutions and recommendations on the Syrian crisis in line with international law and UN principles.

Syrian lawyers and judges will play a significant role in reforming the justice system and rebuilding the rule of law in Syria once the conflict ends.

The IBA’s Human Rights Institute’s training emphasizes the urgent need to familiarise Syria’s legal professionals with the international instruments, a bedrock to   justice reform.

The training agenda includes sessions on UN instruments and recommendations on the independence of judges and lawyers, engagement opportunities with UN human rights mechanisms, briefings on the work of and engagement  with  the  treaty  bodies, and  how  to apply  international  humanitarian  law  and  human  rights  in  armed  conflicts  and  in  the  Syrian context.