Together with member organisations, ILAC conducted this assessment to provide an overview of the administration of justice in Syria. The team has examined several crosscutting issues facing the justice sector in the aftermath of the conflict.

ILAC has found that the breakdown in the government’s control over territory has resulted in differences in the execution of justice across the country. As a result, a major challenge facing Syria is how to reinstate a unified system of justice capable of upholding the rule of law and due process. However, in all parts of the country, Syrian judges and lawyers have continued to work to establish the rule of law in their communities.

Based on the key findings, ILAC asserts that lawyers and judges may provide a potential engine of reform within Syria. The legal profession in Syria has a history of resistance to governmental overreach that is a source of significant pride among many lawyers. Moreover, judges and lawyers understand many of the issues that will need to be addressed in the post-conflict setting. Through their professional experience, they also understand the necessary changes and improvements needed within the system and should be at the centre of any future efforts for reform.