In fragile post-conflict settings, a country emerging from war and seeking to secure peace, justice, and democracy faces many challenges across the humanitarian, development and security spheres. It is also broadly acknowledged that a country’s transition from conflict provides unique opportunities to adopt strategies and policies for the re-establishment of rule of law and the promotion of gender equality and gender justice as well as the direct participation of women throughout the transition process. A core issue to be confronted is how the international community can best support national actors in promoting strategies, policies and programmes which integrate gender perspectives throughout the legal and judicial framework and ensure that women’s capacities are fully utilised in the transformation of the country.

This is a report on the Conference organised by ILAC and UNIFEM on Gender Justice in Post-Conflict Situations, with the theme “Peace Needs Women and Women Need Justice”. The Conference brought women holding key legal and judicial positions from over twelve conflict-affected countries together with a range of international players — representatives of other Member States, regional organisations, senior UN officials, nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), academic institutions, foundations and private entities to share views on whether the gender justice aims were being implemented in justice-related activities of national and international actors on the ground.