In this report, ILAC assesses the situation of the judiciary and the prosecution services, as well as their role in upholding the rule of law in Guatemala. ILAC finds that the broader commitments to social justice and rule of law remain largely unfulfilled. Impunity, corruption, racism and violence still present a fundamental threat to stability and equitable development in the country. The justice sector as a whole struggle to cope with insufficient resources, gaps in capacity, external efforts to influ­ence its work, and decreasing commitment to ensure the necessary independence to allow fulfilment of its constitutional duty to impart justice.

Thus, reforms to ensure access to justice and the independence of the court system are a matter of urgency. In parallel and independently of the need for broader structural reforms, justice operators must be respected and supported, so that they have the independence and capacity to playthe outsized role that has been thrust upon them.

This report provides a clear notice to state authorities that without an effective and independent system of justice, the rule of law and human rights cannot be secured.