Summary report on ILAC´s session “Good Practices in Security and Justice Reform” at Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development in 2017.

The establishment of e ective, legitimate and accountable security and justice institutions is a core objective of peacebuilding and development that responds to the fundamental needs for safety, security and access to justice. Comprehensive reform faces significant challenges linked to its complexity, financial and political cost, and pro­-tracted timeframes. Nonetheless, the session sought to learn lessons and identify good practices.


1. A system­wide public expenditure review will be needed that encompasses the security and justice systems and informs long­term planning and implementation.

2. Reform must be holistic, coordinated, sequenced and measured—and bridge institutional silos.

3. An appropriate governance framework must precede SSR and JSR; cultural attitudes must be addressed.

4. Actors across the security and justice systems and civil society must be mobilized in support of reform.