Report of the High-Level Meeting in Monrovia Organised by the Partners for Gender Justice, in cooperation with the Ministries of Gender and Development and Justice, Republic of Liberia.

The requirements of justice, including gender justice, in a post-conflict society are immediate and vast. Liberia is no exception. It is broadly acknowledged that a country’s transition from conflict provides unique opportunities to adopt strategies and policies for the re-establishment of rule of law and the promotion of gender equality and gender justice as well as the direct participation of women in the process.

Liberian women were actively involved in the peace process, leading the Mano River Women Peace Network. They participated actively in the election process, electing the first female President in Africa. Qualified women are appointed in several key leadership positions, including the Ministers of Justice; Gender and Development and Finance. Other gains for gender equality include the passing of an inheritance law and a new rape law. Progress also has been made in strengthening national legal, judicial and correctional institutions.