This Assessment is mainly focused on the organisation of the Chambers of the Administrative Tribunal, including the administration and procedures used by each level and the newly established Regional Administrative Chambers (RAC).

ILAC found a number of challenges related to the organisation and to the day to day effectiveness of the Administrative Tribunal, which have affected the Tribunal’s ability to carry out its mandate, its current human resources capacity, and how this institution responds to the workload.

ILAC finds that The Administrative Tribunal would be well-served by reinforcing its overall administration and management systems, including, but not limited to, case flow management, staff training, ongoing professional development, and IT resources. Job responsibilities should be reviewed to eliminate duplication, address deficiencies, and consider tasks that could be delegated to Chambers or from Judges to staff to free up legally trained officials and staff, to focus on substantive matters. A complete review of the organisational and governance structure including the creation of job descriptions and the mapping of procedures and processes could provide a starting point to streamline operations.