Public Seminar: Building Justice in a Legal Vacuum

Thursday 19 May 14.00 – 15.30 ILAC/Sipri Signalistgatan 9, Solna

Five years of intense armed conflict have seen the complete withdrawal or destruction of justice institutions throughout Syria. This has created a legal vacuum and left the population without access to justice.

A group of Syrian judges is intent on filling this space by offering their services to the people in areas outside the regime’s control.  But who is entitled to exert justice in the absence of a state?  What are the standards to which they must adhere and what rights do civilians have to access to justice in these areas?  ILAC invites two Syrian judges currently involved in the ILAC Syria Programme, Justice Khaled based in Idlib and Justice Rasha Rajab, based in Gaziantep, Turkey, as well as Ibrahim Olabi of the Syria Legal Development Programme for a conversation on possible avenues to rebuild the Syrian justice system.

Moderator: Nathalie Besèr, Mid East Advisor/TT

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