Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice


Methodologies: Advocacy, Legal Aid, Capacity Building / Education, Research

Fields of expertise: Justice Administration and Efficiency, incl. Anti-Corruption,, Judicial and Legal Education, Including on Human Rights, Legal Ethics

Types: Bar Association / Bar Council

Regions: the Americas and the Caribbean

The Vance Center strengthens democratic transition by engaging lawyers across borders to advance fundamental justice in countries undertaking legal and institutional reform.

The Vance Center is constituted by practicing lawyers committed to providing and promoting pro bono legal service to support civil society and social justice. The Center collaborates with the committees of the New York City Bar Association, law firms, NGOs, law schools and lawyers’ organizations throughout the world.

The Vance Center premises its engagement on the unique role of lawyers as agents of good governance and the public interest: independent intermediaries implementing the procedures and principles comprising rule of law and advocating for the equality and rights of individuals.

The Vance Center employs the approach to international justice developed and practiced by the late Cyrus R. Vance, prominent private lawyer and former US Secretary of State: collaborative, pragmatic conflict resolution based on ironclad adherence to honest dealing and basic human rights.