Arab Lawyers Union (ALU)


Methodologies: Advocacy, Legal Aid, Research

Fields of expertise: Judicial and Legal Education, Including on Human Rights, Legal Ethics, Criminal Justice and Accountability, incl. Detention, Prisons and Counter-Terrorism

Types: Lawyers / Judges Unions or Associations

Regions: Middle East and North Africa

ALU is a pan-Arab confederation of bar associations and law societies.

Mission :
To develop the profession of lawyer in the Arabic countries to make it a true auxiliary of justice
To work for the independence of the judiciary power
Contribute to the development of the law and to the unification of laws and legal nomenclature in Arab countries
Promote and protect human rights, basic freedoms and the primacy of law
Participate in the decolonization of the Arab Countries, to their liberation and the establishment of social justice

Lamia Mobada (Appointed to ILAC Council)