Anne Ramberg

Anne Ramberg is the chairwoman of the Uppsala University board since 2020. Previously she was the Secretary General of the Swedish Bar Association for the period of 2000-2019 following 23 years as a practising lawyer. Mrs Ramberg holds a LLB from the University of Stockholm 1976. She has been a Member of the Swedish Bar Association since 1981. In addition she has served as Chair of the Stockholm Section of the Swedish Bar Association and as a Council Member of the Swedish Bar Association. She has also held positions as a Member of the Swedish Press Council and the Chair of the Lawyers Association, Stockholm.

Anne Ramberg has held several other international and national positions, such as member of the Judicial Appointments Committee advising the Swedish Government on appointment of judges, Member of the Ethics Advisory Council of the National Police Board, a Board Member of several other Associations such as The Association for Legislative Theory and of one of the most prestigious Law Libraries in Sweden, a Board member of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Sweden.

She serves as Council Member and Member of the Managing Board of the International Bar Association and is a Council Member elect of the Human Rights Institute. She is also a Council Member and Treasurer of ILAC, and a Delegate to the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union, (CCBE). Anne Ramberg is the current Chair of Chief Executives of European Bar Associations, (CEEBA).