A. J. Bennazar-Zequeira

Mr A. J. Bennazar-Zequeira (Juan) is a lifetime member of IABA since 1999 and former president and member of the IABA executive committee, and is since 1987 a member of the IABA council.

Juan Bennazar-Zequeira graduated with honor from Escuela de Derecho de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Juris Doctor, in 1974 and has since then had a long term career with professional experiences on both a national and international level. He has been the commissioner, Vice President and President of the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission. For several years a board member of the Puerto Rico Bar Association, and since 2006 the president of the Puerto Rico Bar Foundation and a member of the Executive Committe of ILAC.

Since 2005 Juan Bennazar-Zequeira is Partner and Director of Bennazar, Garcia & Miliàn, C.S.P.