New ILAC members

At the ILAC Council meeting 27 October, five very prominent international legal experts were invited as new individual members of ILAC.

Paul Francis Rutledge
With a long standing record of significant appointments, Mr Rutledge, a member of the International Association of Prosecutors, has served as the Crown Prosecutor of Queensland, Australia and State Prosecutor of Papua New Guniea, and is now dividing his time as a Barrister at law in private practice based in Brisbane Australia, as a teacher in criminal law practice at the Australian National University, as well as Sessional Commissioner, Crime and Corruption Commission (Queensland).

Sareta Ashraph
A barrister specialised in international humanitarian and human rights law. She is currently the Analyst on the UN Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic investigating violations of international law in the context of ongoing events in Syria. Ms Ashraph was also one of the panelists at the ILAC/CMI AGM Seminar in Helsinki 2015.

Ivana Hrdličková
Judge Hrdličková holds a PhD from the law faculty of Charles University in Prague and specializes in Islamic Shari’a, with a focus on human rights and Islamic finance in international and Islamic law. Since 2008 she also acts as a legal expert of the Council of Europe in matters related to human rights, money laundering and the financing of terrorism. She was appointed as a Judge of the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in November 2012 and is serving as President since 1 March 2015. Ivana Hrdličková has also been participating as a returning trainer at the CEELI Institutes training of Tunisian Judges within the ILAC MENA Programme.

Amiin Mekki Madani, President of Sudan’s Confederation of Civil Society Organisations, Vice President of Civil Society Initiative, and former President of the Sudan Human Rights Monitor (SHRM) and also regionally well recognize as a lawyer and Human Rights activist, with various positions in Human Rights and legal organisations. He has been working for the High Commissioner on Human Rights.

Nasser Amin Abd Allah, Director General of the Arab center for independence of the judiciary and legal professions (ACIJLP), a consultative center at the UN Economic and Social Council, Cairo and the Coordinator of the Arab Coalition for an International Criminal Court from 1999 to now. He was appointed as a Member in the National Council for Human Rights from 2011 – 2012 and reappointed as a member of the IBAHRI Council. He was also appointed as North Africa Coordinator for the African Coalition of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights and an expert in the International Bar Association, London from 1998 to now.