Mazin Al-Balkhi new ILAC contact for Syria

Mazin Al-Balkhi, is the new ILAC representative, stationed in Gaziantep, Turkey, and working as Syrian project manager. 

Mazin_AlbalkhiBefore the Syrian revolution, Mazin was a women rights defender, english teacher and a translator, and since the beginning of 2013 to the end of 2013 he worked as the legal commission coordinator and office manager of its president in the Syrian national coalition for opposition and revolutionary forces.

Mazin Albalkhi has a BA in english literature from Damascus university, and is now doing his second BA in international and diplomatic relations in Damascus university.Apart from playing an important role in work of the Syrian national coalition, Mazin Al-Balkhi, also has been a political analyst and journalist. And a poet! He writes poetry in both Arabic and English and has won many contests.

The rest of the ILAC team greet Mazin, and welcomes him to play an important role in the ILAC MENA programme!