“In the end we’re all Syrians”
– Interview with Mazin Albalkhi and judge Anwar Majanni

“Wars never last forever.  Syria needs a political solution. The Syrian regime killed thousands of people, but in the end we’re all Syrians, and after the revolution, we need to re-establish the concept of the state. People are confusing the state of Syria with the Assad regime, and it’s important that we can strengthen the rule of law in Syria. Not only after the revolution, but right now, during the conflict”. Mazin Albalkhi, ILAC Representative in Turkey and Syrian Project Manager, gives his thought on the next important steps in Syria.

During their recent visit to Stockholm, Mazin Albalkhi together with judge Anwar Majanni, gave this short web interview focusing on the needs of Syria and the hopes for the outcome of the Geneva 2 talks on Syria.

Watch the interview here: