In Memoriam: Sandy D’Alemberte, Legal Titan and Supporter of the Rule of Law

Photo: Florida State University

On May 20 the legal world lost a legal titan and steadfast supporter of the Rule of Law when Talbot Sandy” D’Alemberte, former member of the ILAC Executive Committee member, passed away, at age 85.

D’Alemberte was a respected American lawyer, educator, human rights champion, access to justice advocate, and citizen of the world. He served as President of the American Bar Association (ABA) 1991-1992 during which he co-founded the ABA’s programme that aided the newly democratic nations of eastern Europe called CEELI. He also served as Dean of the Florida State University (FSU) College of Law, and as President of FSU.

Karen Mathis, ILAC’s ABA representative, stated, “his vision and drive to encourage democratic ideals and more open/fair societies will live on in the individuals he mentored and the organisations he helped found and nurtured. We are all better for his life’s work and we will miss him enormously”.