ILAC Expands English Training for Syrian Legal Professionals

It is with great pleasure that ILAC announces the extension of an English language training programme for Syrian legal professionals settled in Gaziantep, Turkey.

With the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) this project aims to build the capacity of the Syrian legal society in Turkey.  In addition to language training, ILAC with AIJA offer Syrian legal professionals  access to information in English, as well as professional networking opportunities to help rebuild their careers.

“It’s an honour for us to extend to a second academic year the English classes in collaboration with ILAC. Studying English means opening up to the world, being able to understand the news and what is happening around us, reading legal texts and being ready for a requalification,”  says Giuseppe Marletta, Association Manager of AIJA. “This is our way to offer a second chance to legal professionals who had to live a country in war. We look forward to another great year of cooperation!”.