ILAC Mission to Libya

From November 16-23, 2011, ILAC conducted its initial mission to Libya. William Meyer, Chair of ILAC, and Agneta Johansson, ILAC’s Deputy Director, accompanied representatives of the Arab Organization for Human Rights on a combined fact-finding and training mission to Libya in the immediate aftermath of the hostilities.

Working with the AOHR and representatives of ILAC member Palestinian Center for Human Rights, ILAC traveled throughout northwestern and central Libya to meet with representatives of the judiciary, prosecution, Bar and civil society, as well as the interim leaders of various revolutionary councils. The joint team visited various sites in Tripoli, Misrata, Zawiya, Al-Khoms and Sirte to investigate and interview witnesses concerning current conditions, and a variety of alleged incidents involving Khadafy forces, rebel forces and NATO. At the request of the AOHR, ILAC also participated in intensive training provided by the AOHR for more than 60 Libyan lawyers, judges, prosecutors and members of civil society in human rights law and principles.

Assist Libyan jurists

Based upon the findings of this mission, ILAC will work with its members, as well as other international organizations and NGOs, to assist Libyan jurists in developing responses to the urgent challenges faced in building the rule of law in a new, free Libya.

Download a full report on the ILAC mission here.

The AOHR’s detailed report on its findings will be available in December 2011.