IAP Planned or Proposed, Libya

Planned Programme by International Association of Prosecutors (IAP)-Libya

The IAP has access to Prosecutors worldwide from a range of different jurisdictions-Common Law, Civil and hybrid-with expertise and experience of working in a democratic environment with values of integrity and impartiality and strong alignment with the Rule of Law. The General Counsel holds a specific data base of those who share this interest and would like to avail themselves if an opportunity to participate in  capacity building projects. A number have expressed interest in a programme in Libya.

As most of these prosecutors would be government officials, they will be unable to accept more than expenses and would require leave of absence from their employers. Support from the IAP should be targeted at Prosecutors and would wish to promote the IAP Standards for Prosecutors which are  available in Arabic.

The IAP has recently prepared  training  material on Human Rights for prosecutors in Bahrain which has  been translated into Arabic. Further the IAP has a number of volumes of ‘Human Rights’ for lawyers which have been translated into Arabic and a few could be made available free of charge. There is also a companion training manual with case studies-but only in English-which could be useful in any context.