ILAC Congratulates Members on a Successful 2017 Annual General Meeting

ILAC celebrated our Consortium´s 15th anniversary this month in Tokyo at our 2017 Annual General Meeting hosted by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

This year our Annual Meeting focused on new standard operating processes and an ILAC five-year strategy that will help increase our Consortium’s effectiveness when we work together to analyse and help rebuilding justice systems in the most challenging post-conflict and conflict scenarios.
We presented key findings and recommendations from ILAC’s 2017 rule of law assessment reports from Syria and  Central African Republic

We also looked back at ILAC’s work over the past 15 years to discuss how we can better inform the public dialogue on how to build justice institutions after conflict based on our lessons learned from countries like Timor Leste, Tunisia and Haiti.

We congratulate our members and guests for a successful 15th Annual General Meeting and look forward to another 15 years together as a Consortium.

And, we especially thank the Japan Federation of Bar Associations for hosting such a terrific event.