Addressing the current situation in Afghanistan

ILAC is dedicated to strengthening the rule of law, empowering legal professionals, and ensuring equal access to justice for all in countries facing conflict, crisis, or transition to democracy. As such, ILAC and our members are deeply concerned about the situation in Afghanistan. Many of our members have made public statements addressing the need to guarantee the rule of law, ensure the fair administration of justice, and protect judicial system actors, human rights defenders, women, and the people of Afghanistan in general. Links to those statements can be found on this page:

American Bar Association public statement by the president.

German Bar Association: press release and G7 bars statement on Afghanistan.

International Association of Prosecutors statement on the situation in Afghanistan.

International Association of Women Judges Official Statement.

The Law Society of England and Wales: Statement (27 August 2021) “Fighting for the safety of legal professionals in Afghanistan“, press release (20 August 2021) “Afghans at risk urgently need viable UK visa and asylum process“, press release (18 August 2021) “Legal professionals in Afghanistan must be given safe passage to and settlement in the UK” and news update (16 August 2021) “Save our Afghan colleagues, urges united profession“.

This list will be updated on an ongoing basis.