Japan Federation of Bar Associations to Host ILAC’s 2017 Annual General Meeting

1891e625-e75f-4415-aa6c-871a79e76517We are delighted to announce that the Japan Federation of Bar Associations will host ILAC’s  2017 Annual General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan this May 11 -13, 2017.

Our 2017 AGM promises to be a momentous event as we celebrate ILAC’s 15th anniversary.  We also are looking forward to rolling up our sleeves for what should be a very productive meeting as we review and adopt ILAC’s new five-year strategy, appoint a new Advisory Council, report upon our 2016 assessment missions in Syria and the Central African Republic, and finalize our activity plans for 2017-2018.

Included in the program, ILAC will hold a public seminar with the Japan International Cooperation Agency on “Building Resilient and Responsive Justice Institutions in Fragile & Repressive Countries.”

Please email Harumi Kobayashi for more information or to register to the meeting (harumi.kobayashi@ilac.se.)